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SINCE 1997

About Travel Health Group

All-in-one travel clinic

One of the first institutions to take an interest in the health of globetrotters, Travel Health Gtoup is a travel clinic which take care of your medical planning for your trip.

By providing you with a range of services such as travel vaccinationspre-travel medical consultation and prescription drugs, we contribute to your peace of mind abroad.

Our expertise

The advantages of using our travel clinic


The combination of our experience and the expertise of our health experts promises to help you travel worry-free.


Our nurses have skills that go far beyond administering a vaccine. By analyzing the terms and conditions of your trip, they are able to draw up an effective, detailed action plan.


As the world is constantly evolving, our team frequently updates its knowledge of international health risks and geopolitical contexts. We are constantly updating our knowledge of international health restrictions and risks.

Our team of health experts

Founder of Travel Health Group and a family doctor by training, Dr. Martin Brizard has always been committed to developing personalized travel health services to honour the uniqueness of your own adventure. 

Medical Director and Chair of the Annual Symposium on Travelers’ Health: Dre. Dominique Tessier 

Travel Health Group General Manager: Éric Latendresse

Our highly qualified nurses:

  • Guylaine Dionne
  • Daphne Paiva
  • Danielle Chicoine
  • Kikalulu Mawa
  • Katherine Boivin Scott

Our blog

Health info

Portrait of measles

Source: Measles is a worldwide disease, particularly in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa. In recent years, significant outbreaks have been reported in several European countries, as well as in some US states. In 2023 and 2024, measles

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Health advice for travellers faced with measles.

We strongly recommend that you consult the Government of Canada website regularly for the latest updates. Source : As of March 6, 2024 Travel outside Canada Measles prevention is particularly important if you’re planning to travel. You may need

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Find one of our travel health clinics

Travel Health Group offers several service outlets for people wishing to travel.

From the island of Montreal to the North Shore, the different zones we cover give us easy access to quality travel health advice.