About Groupe Santé Voyage

An all-in-one travel clinic

As one of the first organizations to take an avid interest in the health of globetrotters, Groupe Santé Voyage is a travelers' clinic that takes the medical planning of your trip at heart.

By offering a range of travel health services, including travel vaccination, la pre-travel medical consultation service. and medical prescriptionswe contribute to your peace of mind when traveling abroad.

How We Work

The advantages our travel clinic has to offer

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    The combined experience and expertise of our healthcare experts will make sure your travels are worry-free.

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    Our nurses have skills that go far beyond run-of-the-mill training. By analyzing your travel arrangements, they can come up with an effective and detailed plan of action.

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    Our team has a constantly updated knowledge base of international health restrictions and any associated risks there may be.

Our team of healthcare experts

Founder of the Travel Health Group and trained family physician Dr. Martin Brizard à toujours eu à coeur de développer des services personnalisés en santé-voyage pour honorer le caractère unique de votre propre aventure. 

Medical Director and President of the annual symposium on travel health: Dr. Dominique Tessier 

Our highly qualified nurses:

  • Guylaine Dionne
  • Daphne Paiva
  • Danielle Chicoine
  • Jacqueline Gohier
  • Kikalulu Mawa
  • Judith Gérardn

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Health Info

Travel Health Group has several service locations available to Quebecers wishing to travel.

Across the Island of Montreal and on the North Shore, the different areas we serve provide easy access to quality travel health advice.