A true pioneer in the field of travel clinics, Travel Health Group each year is associated with Colloque Bleu.

This is why our traveller’s clinic ranks among the top 5 institutions of its kind in Canada

About Travel Health Group and its clinic

Our founders

In 1997, Dr. Martin Brizard founded Travel Health Group to provide a single point of contact for health-conscious international travellers.

As an active family physician since 1987, Dr. Brizard is also the scientific director of Colloque Bleu

In a similar vein, Dr. Dominique Tessier, also a family physician, established the now-famous Colloque Bleu.

This annual conference invites healthcare professionals (doctors, nurses, pharmacists) who wish to update their knowledge about travellers’ health and travel immunizations.


The Travel Health Group clinic medical team

Our nurses are always ready to assist you in choosing your travel immunizations or in administering your general vaccinations; expect our nurses to be diligent, respectful, and have a great eye to detail

In addition to Doctors Brizard and Tessier, our medical team includes the following nurses:

Guylaine Dionne, Marie-Claude Legault, Jacqueline Gohier, Kikalulu Mawa, Cathy Valois and Judith Gérard

Our healthcare professionals can help you travel with peace of mind

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