Travelling in Thailand

Thailand is a country rich in history and tradition. It’s a pleasant destination in many ways. First, there’s the beauty of the landscape. Then there are the wellness centers. Not to mention its nightlife. In 2023, more than 22 million tourists stayed here. Let’s get to know this country of many splendors. Getting to know […]

Vaccination surges of 21 %

MARTIN LAFRENIÈRELe Nouvelliste Trois-Rivières – The latest flu vaccination campaign run by the regional CIUSSS has borne fruit. As of December 24, 2019, the various vaccination clinics had welcomed 20.8% more citizens than on the same date in 2018. Vaccination clinic activities began on November 1. As of December 24, 2019, 45,221 people had received […]

Don’t leave without them

Any prescription or over-the-counter medication you usually use (duplicate) Medical certificate from your health care provider stating that the medication (and syringes, as the case may be) are for medical use. Destination-specific medication, such as malaria, altitude sickness or motion sickness. Oral rehydration salts sachets Thermometer Anti-allergic, such as an antihistamine, or epinephrine prescribed by […]

Safety standards abroad

Find out more before you go!Standards of safety, hygiene and medical care in foreign countries may not be the same as in Canada. These differences could have serious consequences for your health, complicating your access to medical care abroad. The Government of Canada has created a brochure entitled “A good start”, available at the […]

Consultation checklist

Votre voyage : Itinéraire: Il est important de détailler précisément chacun des endroits où vous allez séjourner. Exemple : une information sur le nom de la ville ou du village où se trouve votre hôtel, plutôt que le nom de l’hôtel ou de la chaîne hôtelière.  Si vous avez une carte géographique démontrant la région exacte, apportez-la lors de […]