COVID-19 and Travel | Introduction of our Newsletter

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Dear travelers,

In these extraordinary times, we remain sensitive to everything you are going through: your questions, worries, and above all, yours as much as your loved ones health. However, incomplete, confusing, or outright false information should never be accepted, whether in a crisis or not. Thoughtful and wise decisions are made when supported by truthful information, and there can never be a shortage of wisdom to navigate these difficult times.

As travel-health and immunization industry leaders for the past 20 years, the Groupe Santé Voyage wishes to be actively contributing to the solution. As most of you might have noticed, we have all been submerged in data and information on the short-term risks and long-term socio-economic impacts of the ongoing pandemic. We’d like to do things differently. Starting today, we will be sharing brief blog posts, focused on information that you can understand and use on a daily basis.

On a weekly basis, across all our digital platforms, our health experts will make available a short communication on a few hot topics:

  • Research and development effort aimed at COVID-19 vaccins;
  • Traveler’s advise during the crisis;
  • General immunization: how to manage your health plans;
  • Nature of COVID-19 and comparison to influenza;
  • Myths and realities of immunization.

Only relevant, useful and pragmatic information – but most importantly, verified facts.

As always, our whole team remains available, at any time, to answer your questions and comments. Please share them directly with our experts on our web site and our Facebook page.

We wish you a good read, but above all, good health.

Groupe Santé Voyage team

Your travel partner