COVID-19 and Travel | Newsletter introduction

COVID-19 and Travel | Newsletter introduction

Cher voyageuse, chère voyageur,

In these times of crisis, we’re sensitive to everything you’re facing: your questions, concerns, and above all your health and that of your loved ones. What we should never accept, however, is information that is incomplete, ambiguous or just plain wrong; crisis or not. A wise decision is based on accurate information, and we’ll need all our wisdom to navigate these difficult times.

As a leader in travel health and immunization information for over 20 years, the entire Groupe Santé-Voyage team wants to do its fair share and contribute to the collective effort. Like you, we’re bombarded with information about the dangers of the current pandemic and its long-term impacts, all in length and rhetoric. We want to do things a little differently; instead, from now on, we’ll be sharing short, effective columns, for information that’s easy to understand and useful every day.

Every week, on all our platforms, Groupe Santé Voyage’s health experts will offer you a short communication on a topical medical subject:

  • Development of a vaccine to treat COVID-19;
  • Recommendations for travelers in times of crisis;
  • General vaccination: what to do with your immunization plans and booster shots;
  • Nature of COVID-19 and differences from influenza;
  • Vaccination myths and realities.

Only relevant, useful, pragmatic and, above all, truthful information.

As always, our team is available to answer your questions at any time. You can share them directly with our experts on our website or Facebook page.

Wishing you good reading and, above all, good health,


The Santé Voyage Group team

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