Pre-travel vaccination clinic

Depending on the type of trip you're planning, certain vaccines may be strongly recommended or even mandatory.

Although immunization is not systematically required for all destinations, several vaccines are strongly recommended to avoid medical complications abroad, while others are mandatory for entry into certain countries.

A comprehensive service tailored to your needs

To create a vaccination plan tailored to your needs, our experienced nurses take into account various factors related to your health and your trip.

Among the parameters taken into consideration :

  • Countries and regions visited;
  • Travel time;
  • Your health history and current condition;
  • Trip format (circuit, backpack, trek, etc.).

Extensive range of clinically available vaccines for a multitude of pathologies

To give you peace of mind, we provide access to an extensive repertoire of travel and general vaccines. targeting various pathologies:*Please note that among the vaccines on this list, those included in the Québec Immunization Program are offered free of charge to eligible people. However, as Groupe Santé Voyage is a private clinic, the client is responsible for all administration and injection fees.

Your departure date is approaching and you have medical questions?