Parts of the world and travellers’ health

To facilitate the planning of your trip, we offer you this inventory which lists the pathogens circulating in the different regions of the world.

Plan ahead and see a travel health professional early when your travel plans come together. The vaccines recommended and required according to your condition and your destination can be updated appropriately, with more flexibility.


Most African countries require the implementation of a recovery plan. vaccination of travelers.

In addition, the climate, the presence of insects and local sanitary conditions are more conducive to the spread of pathogens causing:


In order to avoid the inconvenience of contracting a virus or bacteria, our health professionals can recommend immunizations adapted to your needs. your trip.

South America

Whether it's relaxing on pristine beaches or immersing yourself in the rich local culture, South America has more than one gem to offer.

Nevertheless, the travel health remains an issue. Consult our healthcare professionals for more information on:


From India to Japan to China, Asia is a popular travel destination for Canadians.

The adoption of preventive measures prior to your trip could, among other things, protect you against:

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