The top 5 most popular hikes in the world

The top 5 most popular hikes in the world

Hiking is all about connecting with nature. It’s admiring wonderful landscapes. This activity is fun, rewarding and relaxing. Are you passionate about it? Discover the world’s 5 most popular destinations for hiking.

The Appalachian Trail

The Appalachian Trail stretches for almost 3 500 km. It’s one of the longest courses in the world. It takes you on a tour of the mountains of the eastern United States and Canada. Winding rivers, dense forests and rocky ridges. A breathtaking variety of scenery awaits you on your journey. You can choose between a full or partial course.

Tour du Mont-Blanc

For lovers of the mountains and Alpine landscapes. The route takes in the highest peak in the Western Alps. The site covers three countries. France, Italy and Switzerland. It offers breathtaking views of the green valleys. Enjoy the charm of picturesque Alpine villages. And let’s not forget the splendid glaciers. The tour lasts approximately 7 to 10 days. You’ll sleep in rustic mountain huts.

The Overland Track

This hike is a must for nature lovers in Australia. Rugged mountains, glacial lakes, wild moors and ancient forests await you. You’ll also have the opportunity to discover unique wildlife. The route totals around 65 km.

The Inca Trail

It’s a dream hike for archaeology buffs. The route takes you through the mountains of the Peruvian Andes. It then takes you to the Inca archaeological site of Machu Picchu. You’ll discover verdant valleys and mysterious ruins. The tour generally lasts around 4 days.

The Camino de Santiago

This pilgrimage trail is very famous. It is also known as the Chemin de Saint-Jacques. It stretches for several hundred kilometers across Spain. Destination Santiago de Compostela. Legend has it that the relics of the apostle Saint James are buried here. This rewarding hike takes in picturesque villages and numerous historic sites. It appeals mainly to tourists for its spiritual aspect.

Good preparation for a successful hike

These 5 hikes offer unique experiences for outdoor enthusiasts. These are the most popular. However, there are many other routes around the world. These include Peru’s Cordillera Huayhuash, Iceland’s Laugavegur Trek and Mali’s Pays Dogon. In short, there are plenty of destinations to choose from. It all depends on your taste!
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