However, before obtaining any emergency vaccinations, it’s important to consult a travel health professional to find out the exact requirements for your destinations


Most African countries have different health standards than Canada, and they may have requirements for the vaccination of tourists.

Also, the climate is generally conducive to the spread of pathogens that can cause the following:

In order to avoid any inconvenience associated with contracting a virus or bacteria, our health professionals can recommend immunizations adapted to your trip.

South America

Whether you want to relax on pristine beaches or visit locally, South America has many treasures to offer.

Yet to ensure travellers’ health, several countries in the southern hemisphere may also have vaccination requirements to protect against certain diseases.

Viruses that are likely to be found there include the following:


Whether it’s India, Japan or China, Asia is a popular travel destination for Canadians.

Known for its landscapes which are as astonishing as its cuisines, this part of the world nevertheless also has somewhat distinct standards of hygiene.

Taking preventative measures before your trip could protect you from a number illnesses, such as the following:

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