However, it can be difficult to navigate the world of different medications and vaccines, particularly those specific to travelling.

To help you manage this, we offer a pre-travel medical consultation service.

A must for the discerning traveller

Drawing on the expertise of our nurses in travel health, a medical consultation will help you better cope in any unusual health circumstances you may encounter.

To this end, our medical consultants will do the following:

  • They will collect relevant data;
  • They will assess your health needs as a traveller;
  • They will offer preventive recommendations;
  • If necessary, they will prescribe you the appropriate medication and/or execute a vaccination plan.

Knowing what vaccinations you need before you travel

The vaccination component of the pre-travel medical consultation will help you find out about the immunization you may need before your departure.

Since our staff can also administer vaccinations to help you prepare for a trip, you can expect our support services to go the extra mile.

However, before suggesting one vaccine over another, we will take the time to understand all of the particularities of your travels abroad.


Travel vaccination

Medical consultation for high-altitude travel

While long-distance travel requires exemplary planning, a stay at high-altitude destinations also poses its share of challenges.

Our travel health experts can help you understand these challenges more clearly, particularly if there are any medical contraindications, and offer you solutions.

Medical contraindications for high-altitude travel

Group services

Groupe Santé-Voyage offers consultation, conferencing and vaccination services for your travel group, may it be a student travel, agency-planned travel, business travel or else.

Ask our staff for further information and conditions.

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