While immunization is not routinely required for all destinations, it may be strongly recommanded and, in certain countries, mandatory for entry.

Required vaccines and desirable vaccines

When requesting our international travel vaccination service, our experienced nurses take into account various elements related to your health and trip.

Some of the considerations that nurses have when suggesting suitable vaccines include the following:

  • The areas you will travel through
  • The duration of the trip
  • Your medical history and current condition
  • The type of trip (touring, backpacking, trekking, etc.)

Travel vaccines available at the clinic

During your trip, you’ll likely be exposed to conditions that are not commonly found in Canada.

To give you peace of mind, we offer access to an extensive directory of travel and general vaccinations.

*Please note that among the vaccines included in this list those that are part of the Quebec Immunization Program are offered free of charge to those eligible. However, Travel Health Group is a private clinic, so there is a charge for administrative and injection fees.

The vaccines available at our various service locations are the following:*


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