We now offer telemedicine consultations

We now offer telemedicine consultations

Planning a trip abroad soon? Have you thought about booking your travel health consultation? This allows us to define the health risks to which you are exposed, depending on your itinerary. This way, our experts can tell you what steps you need to take before your stay. For example, they’ll recommend vaccinations and prescribe preventive antibiotics. At Clinique Santé Voyage, we now offer telemedicine travel health consultations.

What is telemedicine?

Telemedicine is a solution that combines medicine and technology. It enables healthcare professionals to offer online consultations via videoconferencing. It’s very practical and appreciated by those who can’t get to health centers or who live in remote areas.

Why telemedicine?

  • Solving travel problems

Some patients are unable to visit health centers due to busy schedules or the complexity of finding the best time to schedule a travel health consultation in a clinic. Thanks to telemedicine, they can still benefit from a proper travel health consultation.

  • Remedying problems of access to health centers

People living in rural and remote areas have to travel several kilometers to find a health center. Thanks to telemedicine, they can consult a healthcare professional and receive appropriate prescriptions online. As well as being practical, this solution reduces costs by avoiding travel expenses.

What about our telemedicine travel health consultation service?

From now on, you no longer need to travel for your travel health consultations. This can be done entirely online. But rest assured, our services are comprehensive. Our experts assess the health risks to which you are exposed according to your itinerary. They also give you practical advice and recommendations, including any vaccinations you may need for your next destination. And that’s not all! Following the telemedicine consultation, if vaccines are required, we can also come to your home to administer them.

Full details of these services can be found on our website. You can also contact us if you have any questions. We’d love to hear from you!