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Pre-travel medical consultation

Your health and safety should be at the heart of any travel planning process.

And yet, navigating through the various medications and vaccines specifically designed for travelers can sometimes be complex. To alleviate these problems, we offer a pre-travel medical consultation service.

A must for the discerning traveller

Drawing on the know-how of travel health experts, this medical consultation will equip you to better cope with the conditions of the country you are visiting.

To achieve this, our health professionals perform the following actions:

  • They collect the relevant data;
  • They assess your health needs as a traveler;
  • They offer their preventive recommendations;
  • If necessary, they will prescribe the appropriate medication and/or carry out the agreed vaccination plan.

Find out about required vaccinations before you travel

The vaccination section of the pre-travel medical consultation allows you to receive any immunization required before your departure.

We take the time to understand all the particularities of your foreign travels

Medical consultation for high-altitude travel

While long-distance travel requires exemplary planning, a stay at altitude also brings its share of challenges.

Our travel health experts can help you and can prescribe medication foraltitude sickness .

Group Services

Groupe Santé Voyage offers a consultation, conference and vaccination service for your group of travellers, whether it’s a student trip, a group organized by a travel agency, a business group or other.

For conditions and further information, please contact us.

Your departure date is approaching and you have medical questions?