Among the panoply of things to consider before going abroad, we normally think of accommodation and travel. Yet, depending on the regions of the world you will be visiting, some vaccines, prescriptions and other prevention initiatives may need to be considered before departure.

Here’s what our immunisation, medical consultation and prescription services can do for the traveler you are.

Pre-travel medical consultation

Your health and safety should be a primary concern in a travel planning process.

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Pre-travel vaccination clinic

Depending on the terms of the trip you are about to take, some vaccines may be required.

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Prescription of medication

If there is a particularly bad time to contract a disease, it is while being abroad.

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World Regions and Travel Health

To facilitate the planning of your trip, we offer this inventory which lists the pathogens that circulate in different regions of the world.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Travel Clinic

Here are the answers to questions you may have related to the operation of our travel clinic.

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