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Discover our new point of service in Outremont from May 1st.

We’ve been in business since 1997. During these 27 years, we have opened 4 service outlets. They are located in Montreal, Pointe-Claire, Laval and Blainville. Today, we are proud to announce the opening of a new center in Outremont! Rediscover the services we offer. Where is our new service point? On May 1, 2024, we’ll […]

Portrait of measles

Source: Measles is a worldwide disease, particularly in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa. In recent years, significant outbreaks have been reported in several European countries, as well as in some US states. In 2023 and 2024, measles cases were reported in Quebec, as well as in several other Canadian provinces. Vaccination remains […]

Health advice for travellers faced with measles.

We strongly recommend that you consult the Government of Canada website regularly for the latest updates. Source : As of March 6, 2024 Travel outside Canada Measles prevention is particularly important if you’re planning to travel. You may need additional doses of measles vaccine before traveling outside Canada. If you plan to travel outside […]

Travelling in Thailand

Thailand is a country rich in history and tradition. It’s a pleasant destination in many ways. First, there’s the beauty of the landscape. Then there are the wellness centers. Not to mention its nightlife. In 2023, more than 22 million tourists stayed here. Let’s get to know this country of many splendors. Getting to know […]

A practical guide to vaccinations before a long trip

The world is full of wonders to explore, but before venturing into faraway lands, vaccination remains one of the crucial aspects to consider to ensure a safe trip. In this ultimate guide, we’ll explore in detail the importance of vaccination before a big trip, the essential vaccines recommended, and practical tips to ensure optimal preparation. […]

Travelling with chronic illness

Travelling is an exciting adventure, but for those living with chronic diseases, it requires careful planning and special precautions. In this article, we will explore the crucial steps to ensure a safe and enjoyable journey while managing specific health conditions. Essential precautions before the journey Before embarking on a trip, the crucial first step is […]

Essential health precautions for travelers in All-Inclusive Resorts

During the Holidays, embarking on an all-inclusive vacation is a delightful way to relax, indulge, and create cherished memories. While these resorts offer a paradise of convenience and luxury, sanitary rules and health guidelines are often very different than what we have in Canada. In this blog, we’ll explore best practices when it comes to […]

Secure your travels: From insurance to prevention with our travel health clinic

Already dreaming of your next getaway? As you plan your travels, one crucial aspect is often overlooked: preserving your health. While travel insurance is important, the best prevention lies in consulting our travel health clinics. In this guide, we’ll explore the importance of both a travel insurance policy covering emergency health expenses and preventive medical […]

Top 10 travel destinations for 2024

Are you a passionate traveler in search of new adventures and breathtaking scenery? Look no further! We’ve put together a list of the top 10 travel destinations that are sure to awaken your wanderlust and offer you unforgettable experiences. From the serene beaches of South Korea to the lush valleys of Mongolia and the vibrant […]

Respiratory syncytial virus vaccine available from Santé Voyage Group

The respiratory syncytial virus was discovered in 1956. Highly contagious, it mainly affects young children. However, it can also affect older people. It is most prevalent in winter, and its initial symptoms are similar to those of the common cold. Vaccination provides the most effective protection against this virus. At Clinique Santé Voyage, we offer […]